Sunday, 4 May 2008

My hair

I have my hair natural. I have been natural for nearly six years now, and I love it. It is so easy for me to look after my hair. I use Aloe vera gel, castor oil, extra virgin oil, MSM, glycerine and rosewater. My favourite styles are usually twists, flat twists and bunti knots.

I rinse daily, using conditioner about one teaspoon, about small amount of MSM, aloe vera gel and I add some glycerine and rosewater, all this is added to a bottle of 50 ml, I put a little water to mix the contents thoroughly, then add distilled water to fill the bottle. I put a stocking on my hair and pour my rinse over my hair, wrap my hair with a towel, after I finished showering, my hair would be damp and I add a castor oil, aloe vera gel mixture to my roots. I try to massage my hair daily.


Anonymous said...

Found you through Atasha's blog. I'm natural too. Haven't tried MSM yet, but I love love love co-washing, castor oil, and veggie glycerin. Have you tried Shea Butter or Coconut Oil? I think I will have to try something lighter now that summer is approaching.

Tania said...

Hiya! thanks for visiting my blog! I've been natural for 6 yrs too and had sisterlocks installed 2 years ago, I love the low maintenance of being natural! good luck on your natural journey.

Atasha said...

I used to be natural. I know shame on me. I had dreads about 8 years ago if you could imagine, but cut them all off. I am thinking about going back. I am however, looking for something natural that will keep my daughter's hair moisturized though.
Her hair gets so dry.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see it. It seems that it's gorgeous and you take great care of it.

BlackGirl said...

Hallo. Thanks for stopping by the blog. What's MSM, by the way?

Felicity said...

Ladies, thanks for visiting.
Timah and Black Girl, MSM stands for methylsulphonlmethane, it is a white powder, which is now in most hair supplements or you can buy it on its own, either in capsule form powder or crystal form. It is used for helping ease joint pains and also very good for the skin and hair, as for the hair it keeps the hair in the growing stage longer, so that you can achieve your hair growing at longer.

@Timah, I have used coconut oil, but as for shea butter, I found it a little to heavy for my hair.

@ Tania, you're welcome, I also love the low maintenance of being journey. I plan to go for a longer length. My hair should have been longer, but I just got a bit lazy, anyway, but I am challenging myself.

@Atasha, for your daughter's hair have you tried aloe vera gel, you could mix and little aloe vera gel with castor oil or and extra-virgin oil or maybe you could try a mixture of aloe vera gel, glycerine and few drops of rosewater and see.

@ B more bap life and the other ladies
You can see how I started and how far I have come.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment.

Though there is not much I can say to this particular post, I will add you to my blog roll and check back here often to see if I can comment on anything.

Take care.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Los Angelista said...

Six years is a long time! Congratulations!

I love how our generation is discovering ways to take care of our natural hair because we didn't grow up knowing these things.

Soila. said...

I didnt know you had a blog! I will be stopping by (If that's ok with ya).

I have always kept my hair natural but I had this weird habit of wearing it natural 2 weeks and flat ironing it for 2 weeks... I know I know. It's weird! Anyway, last summer I cut it into a bob (really short in the back and very long @ the front) then permed (relaxed) it. Big huge mistake. I tried to let the perm revert but damage had already been done so last month, I cut it all off! I am growing it back. Lesson was learnt. Never relaxing ever again and I have also vowed to give up my weird two weeks straight habit :)

Hagar's Daughter said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and showing some luv on Old School Friday. I know what you mean Sam was awesome.

Felicity said...

@Marcus thanks for stopping by. Look forward to seeing you again.

@ Los Angelista
Thank so much

'I love how our generation is discovering ways to take care of our natural hair because we didn't grow up knowing these things.'

That is so true.

@Hagar's daughter
Nice to see you. When Sam starts the first part of the song 'Darling, you send me'. Oh my Aunt Jessy, I am on the floor!

@Soila Thanks for coming. Look forward to seeing you!, sorry about your hair. But there are so much products available to get it back.

Virtuous Blue said...

Wow, it sounds like you have a great regimen. I'm natural as well, and i'm forever switching up my routine. Due to dryness and breakage because of coloring and stress, i'm working on sticking to something that will add alot of moisture & softness to my hair, while also building strength. I've often passed up aloe vera gel for shea butter instead, but I just might try out some of the products you use. They sound very effective. Great Post!


Felicity said...

Virtuous Blue
Nice that you stopped bye, look forward to see you again! said...

Hello Felicity! {waves}

I may go natural one day...

I have seen some fierce sistas rock a huge afro!!!

I agree with the suggestion to use olive oil...I only use olive oil (from the grocery store) and I have always had hair growing past my shoulders until I cut it...and I don't use heating elements on my hair more than once a month...IF that!


Felicity said...

Black women, you'll be fine when you do. There are various methods, some women to the big chop straight away, while others, do it gradually.

Invisible Woman said...

Hi Felicicity. I really like your is refreshing. :-)

Jenna said...

I've had relaxed hair for 13 years, my hair grew long and my mom pressed it...It was beautiful and soft. My daughter's hair is natural and I'm learning to take care of it. Thanks for the tips.