Thursday, 8 April 2010


Spring is the time of year for renewal, rebirth, it is a transit between between winter and summer. The earth's tilt relative towards the sun. The spring days are close to 12 hours long, with the day length increasing as the season progresses.

In Northern Hempshire countries, the spring months are from March, April and May. Around the 20th March, begins the Spring Equinox, even though many times, it does not feel so, because we have the light, but it is still so bitterly cold.

Spring is seen as a time of growth, renewal of new life, both animal and plant and reborn. It is of great significance that in the Judo/Christian calender, it is Passover, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday (Easter).

Jesus became our Passover Lamb, on Palm Sunday, he entered into Jerusalem as a King, on Good Friday, he was executed as a common criminal. He was humilated for us, he was executed naked. Crucifixion was a very common way of execution. The most famous passages in the bible, is from John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotton son, that whosoever believe in him, shall not perish, shall not perish.

He was whipped, he was beaten, And his stripes we are healed. He took on all our sins, so that when he went up to heaven, and his precious blood was put on the mercy seat. At the time of his death, when he said "It is finished", he gave up the ghost and he died. The veil in the Holy of Holies was 3 inches thick was torn down from top to bottom.
Before Jesus's Christ ultimate sacrifice, you could not speak to God, like that. You have to get a priest and you had to get your animal to be sacrificed. After Jesus's death and resurrection on third day (two days after his crucifixion).

You can speak to God anytime, any day, you speak his words, about any situation, you mediate on his words and you will get relevation.
In the midst of your turmolt, you do hear the still small voice.

From my own experience, each time I fast, I always experience toothache. My tooth was annoying me and the week before, we had a miracle and healing service, my tooth was fine, on Easter Sunday, when I went home, my tooth started to annoy me, but the time I got home, it got worse. The pain was unbearable, my muscles was thickening. I took painkillers, washed my mouth out with salt water, and the pain persisted. I kept saying "Lord, your word says By your stripes, I am healed" and the more you are saying your words and more the pain is getting stronger, but I heard a small voice tell me, take a little bit of disinfectant, add some salt and wash your mouth out, the voice even told me where I would find the disinfectant, I did exactly as I was told and I started to get some relief. Then I went downstairs, and took some alcohol, nearly 100%, added water and washed out my mouth, with the few drops of disinfectant, the pain started to decrease, then I put a few drops of Tea Tree oil, which is a another disinfectant, washed my mouth, making sure I did not swallow. I did that for a few days and now the pain and the infection has gone, although I will be still washing out my mouth, and getting work done on my teeth, even though I am eating on the one side, it is much, much, much better, before every time your food, accidentally, went near your infected tooth. You cried from the pain.

I am a testimony, speaking his words, in the midst of the storm and torment, you have to listen to the still small voice and sometimes, because we are so wrapped up in our pain, it is sometimes very difficult to you.

Bless the Lord Oh my soul and all that is within me. Daily shall he be praised, Glory to highest and he shall be praised, until he comes to earth or he take me home!

I hope that everyone had a Happy Easter and the year is turning out to wonderful every day.