Tuesday, 10 March 2009

How do we view ourselves?

In the light of the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation. I decided to write this blog. How do we black woman view ourselves, as royal princesses or ghetto princesses. I have put images of hip hop video princess and princess. I have images of African princesses and fictional princesses from Disney, such as Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and Ariel. African American Belle and the new African American princess Tiana and a picture of Rihanna, who was or still is a pop princess. However, she seemed to have lost her crown, on the light of what happened with Chris Brown, and her violent attack.
When I read it first, I could not believe it and the more I read, I was just horrified and the abuse from many black people, I was absolutely shocked how many blogs and forums blamed her for the action. 'She must have done something to him'. Then articles were written that because she beat up her brother when she was younger, it was her fault, she gave him herpes. She deserved it because she is from Barbados and as one young person put it, they don't like the accent. One of my younger cousins visited me and she said that she must have provoked him and I have to put it straight to her. I told her if she came home and someone beat up her mother like that, would she say she deserved it. She reminded very quiet.

Rihanna is six months older than my daughter and I would be horrified if anyone did that to my child. When Rihanna started to date Chris Brown, I had this sinking feeling. There was a English footballer, who beat up his fiancee and the media was so supportive of her, but with Rihanna, there was very little support and this got me thinking. It seems that with polite black educated women, there is a significant amount from the black community want to challenge their blackness.
We don't like graceful beautiful black women. There are elements who want to destroy them, yet we don't have a problem with graceful beautiful women from other races. We want every black women to behave like ghetto or fish market women and when they don't behave like that, we get angry and challenge them. However with black men, we have the whole community fighting for them, whether they be good, bad or indifferent, but where is the fight for black women.

The conclusion, I have come to realise is that only Elohim, who loves us and no-one else and therefore we were the original queens and we must never forget it and we must love ourselves, we were created in the image of Elohim and we must never forget and look for scriptures, such as in Esther and Songs of Solomon. 'I am black and comely', I am fearfully and wonderfully made'.

Remember that we are the apple of God's eye. It does not matter what anyone thinks and long as you follow your God given talent, he can express himself through you.
You ask for guidance and he is there for you. If you are not at a church, or a gathering, go to institutions where are more spiritually based and are followers of the word of God, institutions who teach the bible properly, not institutions where pastor says, tells you rubbish, you must read the bible for yourself and everything, prosperity in all aspects of your life is for you. Whatever nationality your husband is and you choose to marry him and as long as he believes that Jesus Christ died on the cross and he is a good man, he is the man of your dreams, marry him and forgot what the 'so-called community tell you, if they call you a sell out, yes you are a sell-out to Jesus, they are sell-out to Satan.

Accept nothing but the best, because God gave his son and he was the best. If a man cannot treat you like a queen, he is not worthy of you. If he can't buy you flowers or he makes an excuse, it's not his thing. Show him the door, because you are not worthy in your eyes. There are plenty of men, who are willing to adore you and treat you like a queen. They are real men, not other men who are really boys pretending to be men.


Krystal (aka Pirouette) said...

Amen and amen! Thank you for this thoughtful post. :-)

Tania said...

Hear hear! well written Felicity.

Tori C said...



Valerie's World, Hair, Beauty and other matters said...

Felicity, what can I say, wonderful post.

Felicity said...

Thank you Krystal, it is very lovely to hear from you.
Hello Tania and how are you, thank you for commenting.
Tori C, lovely to see you.
Valerie, lovely to hear from you.

Casper said...

Ok I agree with your post or at least 98% of it, however I was involved with a woman who had borderline personality disorder and this woman almost drove me to the point of insanity. I never did hit her BUT in retrospect I probably should have. The abuse I went through with this woman was beyond explanation. Sometimes (only sometimes) a little violence is acceptable, it teaches respect and limits. I guess the bottom line is that some women (only some) have it coming.

Now I know that what I just said is political incorrect and that I will probably catch hell for what I just uttered, but I still stand by it.

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