Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The attack of the Black women and how do we fight back

I have noticed that Black women are being attacked, and the attacks are constant, vicious and abusive. I don't really know what we done to deserve this. We are attacked, because if we are educated and speak and act polished. We are told that we are not black enough, we are attacked because we are marrying men from different races. We are called sellouts and traitors. We are attacked because instead of concentrating on what white women do and focusing to them, because there are hardly any black woman on main stream magazine covers, very few are in the film industry, instead we have magazines and blogs to address our needs. We are setting up our own film industry. We put our money, in our own projects. We are being accused of white women protectionism and we forget what Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King did for us, so that we can enjoy the freedom, we have now. We have less privilege than white women and why are we protecting them and that is why few white men approach us, because they don't consider us sexy.
Usher is married and has a lovely wife Tameka, she is being attacked, because she is not pretty enough for him, and she is too dark. We are being attacked for all the ills of the black community. We are being attacked because we are loud mouth, ghetto and fat and that is why black men don't want us. We are attacked because some hip hop songs call us hos and bitches. We are attacked because we are not quite is considered beautiful. Black models find it harder to get work. It seems to be, it is in a lot of peoples interest, to have the pity party for the black woman. 'Poor black women', their men don't want them, other men from other groups don't want them. People are looking for the 'angry black woman'. Her life is full of hardship and toil.
Let us look at the reality of things, even though 70% of black women are single, there is 60% of black men who is single also. Black women are twice as likely to be educated up to degree level and beyond than white women. In the blog world, I have meet many black women, who are married to non-black men, so saying that non-black men don't find black women attractive, is a big lie. Also black men who are married to black women and raising wonderful children. Black women are most likely to have start their own businesses. The majority of black women are taking the lives in their hands and living it to the full. They are breaking out of their mental chains and in order to have change, they must make changes themselves. They have the anointing of David, Daniel, Debra, Abigail, Solomon and Moses. They have been made for a time like this. Inspirational women of our time are Bessie Coleman, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Diane Abbott MP (Memberof Parliament, UK), Baroness of Scotland, member of the UK cabinet. Nyamko Sabuni, Government minister for Integration and Gender Equality Swedish MP, Shaznay Lewis, lead singer and song writer of the group 'All Saints'. Estelle felt that her record company was not promoting her properly, she met Kanye West and asked him to get in touch with John Legend and the rest is history, American Boy was a big hit in UK and USA. Jill Scott, Malorie Blackman, Leslie Esdaile-Banks, Sandra Kitt, Lisa Price owner of Carol's daughter, Anita Grant, she had her own on-line beauty business and my list would go on and on. Cupcake Brown, came from a terrible background of sexual abuse and prostitution from a very young age, she was a gang member and an alcoholic, she became a successful lawyer and now she is a motivational speaker and engaged to be married. The reason for these attacks, is because black women realise their self worth, they realise that they are beautiful women, they have started to celebrate their beauty. They can anything, they want to be, whatever they set their minds to. The sky's the limit. So they are getting on with their lives, their husbands, children and their passions and they are happy. They will always be the angry ones, the bitter ones, but the majority are a success. That is why it is so scary to some angry black men, some angry black women, some angry white women and some angry white men. The best revenge on your enemies is success and your enemies will talk about you day and night, because they can't sleep at night, and you can, because as Proverbs 10:22 states you have the blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich and he addeth no sorrow with it.


Suesue said...

forgetting chimamanda ngozi adichie - great black woman :-)

Felicity said...

Suesue, She is great also! Thanks for mentioning her.

Anonymous said...

One way to fight back is to instill the value of a woman in the young women that are coming up today. Young women today are fast becoming products of what they witness and this is dangerous. It is up to the older men and women in the community to create some self-worth so that these young women do not grow up and accept being called out of their name; even to the point of addressing themselves in a derogatory manner.

Ultimately, it all starts at home!

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Felicity said...

Hi Marcus, I agree with you, also we need to find positive images of ourselves and break away from listening to the norm. Listening to Afro-South American artists. I also think that the older generation have to be responsible for the young. People who behave in a shameless way, we must not buy into them.

Tania said...

You always write the most insightful posts, big ups to you! I agree.

Anonymous said...

Amen my sister! We must take it back by force.

boo! coco said...

it so true we are constantly being belittled and attacked look at the start of big brother this year, one white female contestant proclaimed that she is only on the show to make money and famous, while another contastant made statements about how he thought he was highly attractive etc etc but both recieved far better receptions than both of the black female contestants, it is a poor state we are in at the moment and things need to change immediately

Pirouette said...

Preach! Thank you for posting this.

And this: "The best revenge on your enemies is success." I was just thinking about that last night!


blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hello there!

Thank you so much for this important message!

I think that black women have to stand up and blow the trumpet if they see an ad that reinforces a stereotype, or if they see a tv commercial that objectifies women...or if the media has portrayed us negatively...we MUST blow the trumpet! We are so good at getting mad but that anger MUST BE accompanied by collective action.

Our silence is perceived as acceptance or passivity or resignation. We MUST stop being silent.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Felicity said...

Tania, thank you for that.
Autumn, thanks for coming.
Boo!Coco, I think that BB and other of these reality shows, I really don't think black women should enter them. I know that they have just as much right to enter, but I looked that two black girls who entered. The crowd booed them and one of them has turned out to be a bully and you going to get it. Black women being loud and ghetto.
Pirouette, I rhink that we have so much to offer.
Black women blow your trumpet, nice to see you, I agree totally with you.

A Voice From the Battlefield said...

I couldn't agree more with the post and the comments.


I totally agree. We need to teach our young girls to set higher standards. But we can not leave our young boys out of this type of education. This is where we need our "real" men to step up.

@black women blow your trumpet
Amen! Now is the time to mix the "talk" with the "walk".


Excellent post! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Felicity said...

a voice from the battlefield, thanks for your comment and visiting my blog.

Erica said...

Powerful post. The part about educated black women being deemed "sellouts" and "traitors" is something i really identify with. I am only 18, but i cannot count the times i've been called either one of these names, many times by my own family members. This always baffled me,though. We have a black community that is always so concerned with the hoards of women opting to become models, video "hos", or simply drop out, have kids, and work a minimum wage job. But then, when we have black women who are accomplishing things, who are breaking barriers and stereotypes and making money, they are suddenly "not black enough" or "honkey-lovers". Which one is it?!! Not only that, but its put the pressure on educated black women to do this "twisted tango" sort of dance, where we show our talent and intellect in order to further the image of blacks on one end, but also strive to prove that we're still "black" at the same time. Its balancing two societal responsibilities at once, and it is fucking exhausting!

Share your thoughts on my blog, http://shesontherag.blogspot.com

Delishmish said...

Hello Love..
Just want to stop by..as usual, I always think I am the only one with a blog..LOL (the hubris I have is enormous)

So hello..I will check in from time to time, while leading a Fabulous Life Darling.....

well trying to..lol

Felicity said...

@Erica, lovely to see you. Thanks for your comments, you are so right. I realise that we black women forget that Jesus, paid the 30 pieces of silver, plus he went on the cross already and why should we go. If we cannot acknowledge and celebrate our achievers in breaking down barriers and insisting that we still have to prove ourselves black. Well R Kelly and his lot should continue what they are doing and quite frankly, those in BC continue which call us sell out and traitors, they are working for Satan.
Lovely to see you and thanks for your encouragement.

Miriam said...

Hi Felicity,

I'm finally commenting! lol

Great post. Very true!

At times I wish we could just cancel out the media from our lives.

wow. Marcus Langford, you are the splitting image of my brother! I almost did a double take.

Felicity said...

@Miriam, lovely to see you. We need more people with integrity in media corporations.

1/3 of what I used to be said...

wow everytime I come here i feel inspired. I agree i think black woman get the brunt of the attacks from society cause we are the only group that has to deal with single parent homes.we are the minority and female so we have two strikes against us at birth due to sexism and racism. i think we have to overcome a lot just to be who are on a daily basis. i think we are feared more then hated. im proud to be a black woman because to me being black and also a woman equals strength. thanks for the read:-)

Felicity said...

@1/3 of what I used to me, you are right there, and I would go at further to say, that we were the first to walk on earth. We are creation itself, because we have the spirit of Elohim, in us and that is why there is a denomic attack against us, from our own in BC to others outside the community, but whether they jump high, low or sideways, they are a part of us.

Don said...

Coming from a black man who, for years, never really stopped to really feel the struggles of the black woman, i can honestly say that i try my best to respect black women. even if i am disrepected i tend to let things go. i guess you can say that i tend to look @ the overall picture - i have two young daughters.

so, keep your head up and know that both the black amn and the black woman need each other to TRULY overcome our issues.

enjoyed the read, felicity.

on another note, heyyyyy 1/3...*waves frantically*

Los Angelista said...

I was thinking about this post today as I watched Michelle Obama on The View. She's a black woman in the national spotlight and she's being attacked. It's an insult to her and their entire family, but it also takes me back to the days when the massa or overseer could do whatever they wanted to a black woman and her black man could do/say nothing. Now folks think they can do whatever they want to Michell Obama and they seem shocked that Barack ain't having it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

Suesue said...

could you please explain the dog story to me again :-) ??? i am soo intrigued by it.

Felicity said...

Don, thank you for comments, it is nice to hear a man's point of view.
Los Angelista, I saw the view myself and it was nice to see Michelle on there. I think that days of Aunt Jemina, Uncle Tom are gone and some people are angry that Barack and Michelle are not the type of people, they can mess around with.
@Suesue, the dog and the boy run away.

Suesue said...

hey i just wanted to leave a comment saying thank you for commenting on my blog :-) it is much appreciated.

Brigitte said...

Excellent post. I'm really enjoying your blog.

Felicity said...

Suesue, thank you
Brigitte, welcome to my blog and thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

You have an excellent blog and I was through the first 3 posts when I realized I had not left a comment! I must blog mark you and come back and finish the archives...Wonderful stuff! Gina

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